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Support for Creation of Street Arts
Support for Creation of Street Arts is a program for the promotion of high-quality street arts for citizens, search for public arts works that can be performed in various spaces, and development of unique and experimental works that can enhance diversification and expansion of the genre.

In addition, it is aimed to promote conditions for continued production of a wide variety of street arts works and to provide systematic support for the overall processes of production, practice and critique.
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2016 support for creation of street arts
Support process
Support targets
  • Street arts works that can be performed in urban spaces including streets in Korea and abroad
  • Street arts works that involve self-initiated production of stages/objects
  • New works that can be presented within the year of support
  • * Works that can be presented outdoors rather than within SSACC
Details of support
  • Support for the budget for creation of performance works
  • Support for spaces for production and practice (preferential treatment for application for stage rental)
  • Counseling/mentoring program (in required cases)
  • Support for promotion and distribution in Korea and abroad
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